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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
11:02 pm
Kim had arrived with Ron to the Women's Correctional Facility and met the woman that had been waiting for them. The team had been led inside to a small office where they were now waiting for someone else to come in and talk to them.

Kim stood near the small window. She rested a hand on her hip and put more weight on it. Sighing loudly she stared out the window. She brought a hand up and pushed some hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"So Ron.....what do you think of this mission?? Do you think somethings up?? Or am I just totally paraniod?" She asked keeping her back to her partner.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
8:28 pm
Meanwhile, At The Woman's Correctional Facility...
Lowerton’s Ladies Correctional Facility was a larger, better built place than Dr. Drakken’s current holding facility; a silent acknowledgement that, nine times out of ten, the scary, scary super villains didn’t have the weight of a Y chromosome to bear. It was vaguely square shaped, with a large internal courtyard where the inmates were currently “exercising.”. Despite what prison movies favored by the young men of the Tri-City area preached, this involved far more rocks and pickaxes than pillow fights of questionable taste.

Gustav pulled to a stop, cheerfully waving the team off, muttering a few excuses in Scandinavian before hurrying off. Waiting for Team Possible was a short, formidable looking African-American woman, creeping past her mid-thirties. Nodding curtly, the warden silently handed the pair folders containing information about the incident-her silence explained by a cheerful sticky note,

“Sorry, bronchitis.
Warden Dee. ”

Meanwhile, in Gustav’s van, the bukly Sweede muttered into a cellular phone. “It est dunn, Herman Melville help me...do...”

“Yes.” It was all Dr. Drakken could do from giggling in glee! But that undermined the blackmailer-blackmailee relationship. “It is safe...and as long as I find no evidence of your giving those do-gooders any hints, it will remain that way.”

Gustav’s mighty heart burned with woe! For though he had betrayed his little buddies, Team Possible, his precious was still in dire peril! Sweating a little, Gustav grunted in an affirmative sounding way, hanging up. “Oh, by Ymminiy, for oncve…I hope Kim Possible cannot do’a somethink!”
Friday, May 6th, 2005
11:03 am
What's The Cure For The Common Cold? World Domination!
“WAH-CHOO!” Dr. Drakken’s head colds were legend, even in the hallowed halls of Upperton State Penitentiary. It was rumored that Duff Killagan went blind AND deaf after being exposed to the raw potency of Drakken’s germs, explaining his sudden absence from the underworld. Looking up at his ceiling, Drew Lipsky indulged in a small smile. Three years of establishing a reputation for near radioactive sinus allergies, no less than two brutal throw downs with the world’s deadliest golfer, and the time and energy to create a realistic sneeze synthesizer out of cigarette cartons and prison ham.

The solitude was oh so worth it.

“Now.” Drakken muttered. “For Phase Two. I’ve rested on my laurels long enough! Yes, laurels, that’s classy talk! Check that wordage out, She’nizzl…” Drakken let the word drop. Right. Shego’s in Lowerton’s Woman’s Prison And Bakery. Rubbing his face, Dr. Drakken remembered his therapy sessions. He would /not/ annunciate his plans to a henchwoman who was not there! He could think them to himself! He did not need Shego as anything more than muscle and the occasional sounding board. He was his own villain, a threat in his own right, a loner, a rebel WITH a cause!

“Oh, who am I kidding.” Drakken carefully took a loose brick out of the wall. “I need my best lieutenant in the field, anyway, to supervise the re-build up. Fortunately, this plan cannot fail! Because…” Drakken held up his prize, recovered from the “Emotion Sickness” incident. A fully functional-well, with some duct tape and TLC it will be funny functional-Kimmunucator! “With this, Team Possible’s own methods will be turned against them! That fat little Wade boy never leaves his room, you see, yes, and is paranoid enough to make a habit of almost always being the one to contact Possible, not the other way around! She and that buffo…” Drakken winced, rubbing his side subconsciously. “That /Stoppable/ would not fall for any ordinary ruse, but they might just fall for this. Oooh, I can picture the look on their faces, being the instruments with which their greatest enemy regains his rightful resources and place as GREATIST CRIMINAL THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

A pounding on the door. “That don’t sound like no head cold, Lipsky!”

Oh snap the guards! “Oh, ah, well, officer…” Cough cough! “Side effect, you see!” Drakken doubled over, “hacking” and mixing his patented Evil Laugh Number Fourty-Five in. “Comes with fooling around with-kaffkaffHAHAHAHAkaff!-super-science.

The guard narrowed her eyes. “I’mma watchin youse.” The woman slammed the peep strip shut. Drakken smiled, sitting back on the bed, double-checking the Quick Cougher, and opening the Kimmunicator.

*Beep beep eep eep* “Kim and Ron, come in! Come in!” Perfect! The voice modulator and pre-recorded actions are working like some sort of mystical fetish designed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck! He’d have to get one of those, while he was at it… “You have a new mission, Kim!”

(OOC: *waves* Hey folks, just got approved as Drakken. Hope this little plot is entertaining for everyone!)

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
5:45 pm
First Post.
18 year old Kim Possible sighed as the bell rang. She picked up her books and headed out the door to her locker. She stopped in front of it and began toying with the lock. Opening it she slipped her books in and looked over to see her best friend and side kick Ron Stoppable leaning against other lockers.

"Ron? Are you ok?" She asked, rushing a stray hair out of her face.

Closing her locker she headed over to him. "Ron?" She called again waving her hand in his face. Giving her eyes a small roll she proveded to wave her hand furiously in front of his face.

"What's the sitch?" She questioned. She sighed angrily at his being nonresponsive.
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